This blog is sharing about oral health, especially on the issue of discoloration of the teeth who become the problems for many people around the world, such as white spots on teeth, tooth stains due to bad lifestyle or poor dental care, etc.

I try to deliver it with simple explanations, as little as possible in using medical terms which may be difficult to understand. I hope that these posts (and the following posts ahead) can be useful for you in finding out the correct handling of the problem when it comes to you and your family. 

I am not an expert on dental health, I only like other common people who gather informations from multiple sources and reshare to anyone who needs them. Therefore, this blog is not the only reference. You definitely still require direct consultation with your dentist. 

I am also open for suggestions and comments in order to make this blog better and more useful for others. I'm sorry if there are mistakes, and thanks for visiting.  

Let's keep our oral health, for better smile, for better life :)

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